Recording Studio Roof Collapses in Local Disaster for Musicians

OK listen up people – this is what happens when you don’t take the time to get insurance on your building, especially when you have thousands of dollars of recording studio equipment wrapped up in your operation. Now, we understand that many people spend all their hard earned cash on music equipment and skimp on the space or building itself. It definitely makes sense depending on your budget. If you are just getting started, sometimes a basement or attic is the only space you can find to get the business going from the ground up.

The winter of 2015 wasn’t particularly brutal, however we did get some snowfall that was heavy and constant. Whenever this happens, you can be sure that those old rickety buildings that have lasted for years without maintenance are going to start toppling, when the water starts leaking in and the weight becomes too much for the support beams. If there ever was a nemesis to recording studio equipment, monitors, and instruments, then it’s water coming in from the roof. Your fancy and expensive mixing board has no chance if you are not there to stop the flooding. Hours and hours of recorded music can be washed away in minutes, and if you did not take the time to back up your drives, then you deserve what was coming to you.

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In this day and age, protecting your assets, especially the lifeblood of your business, should be your absolute top priority. It can take years to build up the funds and experience to get your studio started, but only minutes to have it erased. Your musician clients will no doubt move on to someone else, which would take a huge chunk out of your bottom line. Even your own hard work can be destroyed, never to be found again. That one perfect guitar solo, that vocal performance that stood out. Trying to recreate a masterful recording session is damn near impossible, especially if you have to have the entire band redo their takes. This presents a nightmare situation that you do not want to have to go through.

When searching for a building for your studio, one thing to keep in mind is that newer is better. If you are looking for a place to live that is also going to serve as your office, then try to find something that has a furnished basement, or was renovated within the last ten years. Sure, rent might be incredibly cheap on an older, dilapidated building, but spending the little bit of extra money on a nice location can be the difference between disaster and success. If you are going to be setting up shop on a top floor or attic, you better make sure your roof is in working order!

If your basement floods, then you might get luckily simply because your musical equipment is above ground level. When it comes to a leaky roof, just about anything in the room is susceptible to getting wet from rain or snow that happens to seep through the cracks. In this situation, you had better have an insurance policy on either the building or all of your equipment if this is your primary business. I wonder how many rock bands throughout the years have lost everything due to one misfortune that took a huge toll on their entire recording process!

Speaking as a musician, I know the kind of time it takes to create even one song, let alone a full album. The mixing process alone can take weeks or months, and losing all of that hard work is a huge blow to your band’s morale and will likely spell the end. Don’t let yourself get into this situation by making the smart decision ahead of time.

We caught up with Johnny Rocket, the local studio owner who suffered a devastating setback when his roof caved in, dumping snow and water all over his mixing board. “I should have been more prepared,” he said. “This is all easily avoidable if you just make one or two smart decisions ahead of time.” When asked how he handled the fallout, he said that he simply “called the right roofers in Philadelphia” to get the job done. He said Weather-Tite Roofing Co showed up and got the job done in no time flat. Although he lost much of his equipment, the building is in much better shape. “I guess I learned my lesson the hard way,” Rocket reflected.

If you have been the victim of a tragic recording studio roofing collapse, then get in touch with an expert roofer today. Here’s the Yelp Page for Weather-Tite Roofing Co in Philadelphia.